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Alcoholic drinks

Alcoholic drinks

As a special cultural carrier, wine occupies a unique position in human interaction. Today’s wine development prospects are getting better and better. It is not only the romantic embellishment on the table, but also an indispensable healthy drink in life. Wine is the best gift given by God. Through out the various types of wine is not difficult to find that the East to brew rice wine, while the West is dominated by beer and wine. In western countries, the output and quality of grapes are second to none. Wines main crops are wheat, and many archaeological discoveries show that Babylonians used to make beer from ancient time as well as ancient Egyptians to make beer.

We can offer Automatic alcoholic beverage filling machine, wine filling machine, wine bottling machine and so on.

No matter your beverage type, our unmatched expertise helps you achieve more with extensive technical knowledge and packaging capabilities.

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Westerners pay attention to different occasions, drinking different wines, to choose different sprinkling cups, like wine glasses, white wine glasses, cognac glasses and champagne glasses. In addition, the production of Western glass emphasis on thin and transparent, so the wine is mostly glass and crystal products, in order to enjoy the color of wine, and then determine the level of wine. Datong machinery are dedicated to offering alcoholic beverage filling machine for small or large wine industry. Welcome to click it to find your machine.



20000BPH mineral water filling production line
20000BPH mineral water filling production line

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