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Datong Wishes All Our Customers Happy Spring Festival

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The Spring Festival is the most important festival in the Chinese and even Chinese circles. The Spring Festival usually ends from the first day of the first lunar month to the fifteenth day of the first lunar month.


At this moment, Datong is about to bid farewell to the busy and fulfilling 2019 and usher in a challenging 2020 as an excellent China bottle filling equipment supplier. On the new year, Datong would like to extend our sincere blessings to all our colleagues, partners and friends!


Happy Chinese New Year-Datong

For Datong, the past year was a year of hard work and a year of pride for the company. Most employees work hard and love their jobs, we go hand in hand towards a common goal – to be the best China soft drink filling machine manufacturer in the industry. With the joint efforts of all Datong partners, the company presented a bright answer sheet in 2019.


Looking back on 2019, we are impassioned; looking forward to 2020, we are full of confidence. In 2020, Datong will adhere to the business philosophy of "customer needs, Datong's goals" and strive to create customer value through effective customer segmentation. All our colleagues in Datong will unite and work hard to make persistent efforts to make Datong own a better future! We are going to be the best fully automatic mineral water plant manufacturer.


The Spring Festival holiday of Datong is from January 18th to February 10th. We will go back to work on February 11st. If there is an urgent need, please contact us in time and we will reply as soon as possible within 24 hours. Please forgive us and try to understand if there is any reply delayed during the holiday period.

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