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Zhang jiagang datong machinery co.,ltd. Was founded. At first we were just in a less than 1000 square meters of factory began to our equipment manufacturing. mainly confined to Chinese local market.


We moved into a new workshop around 2000 square meters. Just open our foreign sales channels. Start to sale DATONG's machine all over the world. Remembered our first foreign customer is from Somalia.


We improved our new technology. And made a modern machine. And sold to The European market. This year we get the certificates of CE and ISO9001.


We started to build our own modern factory and office building around 6000 square meters. We set up our own foreign trade and domestic trade sales team.


This year more than 40 countries use DATONG’s machine. So we started to improve our sales team and after sale team. We are focus on machine quality and after sale service.


More and more customers like DATONG's machine. Not only foreign customers but also Chinese local market. We get a big project of 18000BPH ginseng beverage complete filling producing line in Jilin China.


We broke through 50 million in annual sales record. 80% were from overseas markets. We focus on details and customized service.


DATONG obtained the TUV certificates issued by the certification body. We finished a water project in Hunan China. 20000BPH water filling production line. This is a sample project can show customers. Come and visit us we will take you to our customer’s factory and see complete running machine.


We are here continuous to create miracles with all stuff. DATONG will become your best partner.


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