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3 Common Types Of Industrial Conveyor System And Their Applications

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When it comes to an industrial production facility, a conveyor system is almost an indispensable component that plays very important role in the overall process.

So, if you are considering investing in this highly important piece of equipment, here are some you may consider buying from a reputable manufacturer, though.

1.  Modular Belt Conveyors

This type of conveyor belt consists of a loop which is made up of a large number of interlocked pieces of materials made of hard plastics.

In contrast to flat belt conveyors with a single compact loop, each segment of a modular belt can be independently removed, repaired and replaced instead of replacing the belt as a whole, hence, maintenance of modular belt is more cost effective.

Modular belts can be used to transport materials not only in a straight direction but also around a corner. They are special because of their resistance to wear and tear, chemicals and high temperature which make them suitable for transporting chemicals or food items.

Regardless of the length or width, modular belt conveyors have stable chain travel. There are no specific requirements such as product's position, shape or orientation, hence, items are easily transported.

This type of belt provides the support required to handle soft plastic bags, cardboard boxes, and shrink wrapped goods.

Applications Of Modular Conveyor System

Modular conveyor belts can be used to transport food products due to their resistance to chemical corrosion and their tendency to be easily cleaned. plastic segments  contain spaces which allow fluid to be either drained or retained while being carried over the conveyor belt.

2. Roller Bed Conveyor Belts

This is the type of conveyor belt whose surface is made up of rollers, hence the name "roller belt conveyor". Basically, the number of rollers may vary, depending on the distance between the two ends of the belt.

Some short conveyor belts that fall under this type can be made up of just two rollers. Nevertheless, there will be a need to increase the number of rollers if the distance between the two ends of the roller belt is increased.

Manual loading can damage the rollers, hence, items are usually loaded onto the roller belt with gravity. The fact that they offer much less resistance to movement makes roller bed conveyor belts a good option for transporting items over long distances.

 conveyor system

Applications of roller bed conveyor system

Roller bed conveyor belts are used for packing, sorting, assembling, inspecting, and most especially transporting materials. postal sorting offices and airport baggage handling systems are a good way of industrial application.

3. Flat Belt Conveyors

The flat belt conveyor system is the most common type of belt used in industries nowadays. Flat belts are useful for transporting items within a facility. They can be made of natural materials or synthetic polymers.

Flat belts conveyors  make use of a flat belt which is powered by a series of pulleys. The motion of the pulley system allows materials placed on top of the moving belt to be transported from one end to the other.

Since its belts can be made of different kinds of materials, this type of conveyor belt is incredibly versatile. Optional features include center drives and nose bars depending on the requirements of a given application.

Applications of flat belt conveyor system

Flat belt systems are the most applicable in industrial areas. They have a wide application in industries, ranging from the transportation of small soft objects to large irregular objects without causing any damage to the items.

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