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Barrel water filling machine and Pure water production line Were highly appraised from Bangladeshi customers

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We are honored that the Bangladeshi customers have chosen us and have come all the way to communicate with us. They are very interested in our company's 5 gallon barrel water filling machine and pure water production line.

As you know, Zhangjiagang Datong is a professional barrel water filling machine manufacturers for more than 16 years. 5 gallon barrel water filling machine, this series of machine integrate rinsing, filling and capping, suitable for filling the pure water or the mineral water. The filling speed ranges from 100BPH to 1500BPH, the whole line include rinser-filler-capper monoblock, automatic loading machine, bottle outside washer, bottle inside washer, decapper, heating shrink tunnel, conveyor system, complete line control system.

The Bangladeshi customers were attracted by our professional explanation and satisfied with it. After that, we show them the pure water product line. As is showed in our website:, We could apply one-stop solution about pure water filling machine processing. The product line achieves high praise from them and also give us big support.


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In short, if you have any questions about our product, please visit video on Youtube for better understanding or you can visit our website:


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