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Bottled water packaging innovation, environmental protection first

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With the increasing calls for plastic reduction at home and abroad and the gradual implementation of garbage classification, the pace of sustainable development has become faster and faster. To achieve the goal, an enterprise must implement it on the brand and product side as soon as possible, and bottled water packaging innovation is the most relevant focus.

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01 Sidel ultralight PET bottle

Sidel launched an ultra-light 500ml PET packaging industrial bottle design, claiming to be a cost-effective and sustainable option, which can be used for non-pressurized bottled water products. The design bottle weighs 6.5 grams and has a height of 195mm, aiming to optimize packaging and production costs.



Its working principle is to clip this smart bottle cap to the existing bottle cap (to ensure that there is no contact between the water and the device), and record the amount of water consumed by consumers, and an app is attached to allow consumers to set Set daily hydration goals and adjust them according to your needs.



02 carton packaging mineral water

British beverage brand Water Works launched carton mineral water. In addition to environmental protection performance is better than other forms of packaging, the carton also helps to keep the water fresh and fresh, because the packaging effectively blocks light and air.



03 Aluminum cans and aluminum bottles of water

As part of its efforts to reduce plastic waste, The Coca-Cola Company announced plans to launch its Dasani water brand aluminum packaging.



PepsiCo announced in June last year that it would replace the plastic packaging of some products with aluminum cans, and the aluminum can packaging of its brand Pure Water Music will be gradually rolled out.



All Market Inc. (AMI), the parent company of Vita Coco, has launched a new canned water production line, Ever & Ever. The brand uses "unlimited recyclable" aluminum bottle packaging, hoping to reduce the environmental impact of disposable plastic bottles.



04 100% rPET bottle

In July last year, Nestlé's mineral water brand Valvert launched a packaging bottle made of 100% renewable PET material. This is also the first time Nestlé has launched packaging of this material in the European market. The company can produce 100% rPET 1.5 liter bottles and 50% rPET 500 ml bottles. Valvert hopes to transition its 500ml bottles to 100% rPET before the end of this year.



05 Sterile paper bottle with ASI certified aluminum foil

In July last year, Unilever Future Platform start-up brand B-Better cooperated with packaging company SIG Combibloc to launch a series of aquatic products rich in B vitamins.



The packaging of B-Better series products is 750ml Combibloc "combidome" paper bottle, made of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified cardboard. It is the first company to use SIGNATURE packaging material to make "combidome" paper bottle. The equilibrium method connects polymers with wood-based renewable materials.



06 Biodegradable bottles in landfills

Chlorophyll Water, an American brand of chlorophyll water, announced the use of 20-ounce bottles that can be biodegraded in landfills to help eliminate pollution, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and recycle clean renewable energy.



In order to achieve this goal, the mold of the packaging bottle is combined with a company’s own organic additive; this organic additive is specially designed to attract microbial activity in the landfill, which can speed up the bottleneck in biologically active landfills. The natural biodegradation rate in the oxygen digestion tank. Microorganisms expel the enzymes that break down the bottle when they consume additives.



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