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Customer from Kenya Purchased A Whole Carbonated Drink Filling Line Form Datong Machinery

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Congratulations! Customer from Kenya purchased a whole carbonated drink filling machine form Datong Machinery in early October. At present, global competition is fierce, and more and more customers choose to establish their own production lines in the local area. When Kenya customers came to our factory and saw our products, they immediately decided to establish a cooperative relationship with us.


Our customers were quite satisfied with our machines and service and they look forward to next cooperation. The pictures below were sent by our dear customers.


In order to successfully export our drink filling machine to the Kenya market, we have communicated with Kenya customers many times and both of us have made very good preparations.

 drink filling machine

In the past few days, our technicians are also checked all of our carbonated drink filling machines to ensure that our products will maintain its best condition when it arrives in Kenya. We are also very grateful to our hard-working staff for their support of this export plan.


Carbonated drink filling machine from Zhangjiagang Datong Machinery Co, Ltd could be separated to 3 modules. the height of the bottle-out conveyor is adjustable. Bottles are conveyed to rinser, filler and capper through star wheel and conveyed out finally through bottle-out conveyor equip alarm device for bottle block, bottle absence, cap absence and overload. The machine meets the national food hygienic standard, with high automation and easy to operate.

 drink filling machine 2


This has been at the heart of the company since it was founded in 2002 by utilizing many years of knowledge and experience, all our product of water treatment system, water filling machines, carbonated drink filling machine, juice filling machine, beer filling machine, can filling machine, glass bottle filling machine, 3-5 gallon barreled water filling machine, bottle labeling machine, bottle packing machines, PET bottle blow molding machine, juice mixing machine, sterilization machines, CIP washing machines well as turnkey managed projects.


We are committed to exceeding the expectations of our customers by combining a superior level of expertise with high quality products, all backed by first-class service.


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