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Different Types of Liquid Filling Machines

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Efficient filling of liquid products is required to maintain a complete liquid packaging system. Depending on the application, it’s important to make sure you choose the appropriate liquid filling machine that can handle your products and avoid potential wear and tear with heavy use.


How To Determine Which Liquid Filling Machines Are Right For Your Application

If you’re searching for a new or used liquid filling machine for a new or existing production line, there are several factors to consider when making a purchase. Applications can vary greatly, with many different products out there that have individual filling and packaging requirements. The following are five considerations to keep in mind when in the market for liquid filling machines.


Liquid Viscosity

One of the first aspects to consider when selecting a liquid filler is the viscosity of your product. Liquids can be anywhere from water-thin to highly viscous pastes, with many other semi-viscous and thicker products in between. Some equipment will be able to handle thicker liquids while others are designed primarily for thin products.


Type of Container

The type of container you use to fill your products is also important when selecting equipment. You’ll need to make sure you select a liquid filler that can fill your containers, whether they’re plastic or glass, short or tall, square or round, or come with larger or small openings. Some machines are more easily configured to meet the needs of a variety of packages if your production line is designed with versatility in mind.


Fill Volume

While you may believe that determining fill volume is simple, this aspect will also depend on other factors such as viscosity, fill rate, and filling systems. Your industry also may have particularly stringent fill accuracy requirements that you need to meet to maintain compliance.


Fill Rate

When it comes to production, one of the most important considerations is how many containers you can fill per hour, minute, or production shift to meet your quota. Different machines are designed to achieve different fill rates, which will also depend on factors such as manual or automatic operation, viscosities, fill volume requirements, and container types, along with the type of filling and metering system you want to use.


Keeping these factors in mind, there are several specific types of liquid fillers you can install in a liquid packaging system.


Liquid filling machines, also known as flow filling machines, are commonly used in the beverage industry. It dispenses the exact amount of liquid-based products needed for different containers such as bottles, cartons, cans, or cups.


APPLICATIONS: This type of filling machine can handle a wide range of liquids, including water, alcoholic beverages, and carbonated drinks. It can even be utilized to fill packaging food items such as sauces, cooking oil, soup, and salad dressing.


Here are the common types of liquid filling equipment:


Manual Liquid Filling Machines – As the name suggests, this type of liquid filling machine requires no electricity and simply relies on manual operation. It helps increase accuracy and output speed compared to pouring liquid by hand. Manual liquid filling machine is suitable for small scale production or laboratories.

Semi-Automatic Liquid Filling Machines – It typically uses syringe, piston, and nozzle to ensure zero-drip operation. This type of liquid filling machine can work with almost all kinds of liquid including cleaning detergents and pharmaceutical products.  

liquid filling machines

Fully-Automatic Liquid Filling Machines – This type of liquid filling machine can handle large-scale operations and high-production requirements, making it a popular choice for big enterprises. It is mainly used to pour all viscosity liquids and liquids containing food products.

Inline Liquid Filling Machines – This machine pours both low and high-viscosity liquid to containers that are arranged in a single line along the conveyor system. It can be utilized in dispensing food, dairy, and cosmetics products.

Rotary Liquid Filling Machines – It moves containers along different circular stations, with each one performing a specific function such as filling, sealing, and capping. This type of liquid filling machine is commonly used in the beverage, food, automotive, and personal care industries.

Piston Filling Machines – This type of liquid filling machine can accurately pour products into containers. It is primarily utilized for filling substances with limited changeovers such as cosmetics, liquid soaps, and food sauces.


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