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How Juice Tea Hot Filling Machine Works

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New to the juice tea hot filling machine?  If yes, then you have stopped at the right place with lots of details on how it works, its advantages, and why it is extensively used as an automated filling line. 

Juice tea hot filling machine

The juice tea hot filling machine removes the desire of preservatives and chemicals while trying to retain the level of shelf life and nutritional advantages of beverages. Consumers are well informed of the potential injurious outcome of preservatives. 

However, the hot filling machine has become the choicest used in preserving beverages as the procedure is easy and not complex when compared with preservatives.

Well, for you to derive your satisfaction and preserve your juices and any drink, purchasing juice tea hot filling machine from a reliable and reputable manufacturer is the most recommended option for best preservative and lasting juices and long shelf life experience.

Categories of what hot filling machine is used for

The following are what juice tea hot filling machine is required for

It is suitable for vegetable juices

Flavored waters

Fruit juices and

Sports drinks that have a pH level of<4.5

The procedure required in juice tea hot filling machine

The procedure of hot filling machine requires many stages in which each stage is important to maintain the advantages of shorter fill period and extend shelf life without using preservatives 

Firstly, beverages are decontaminated and heated to the hot filling temperature, mostly, between 90-95OC in a heat exchanger for a minimum of 15-30 seconds. The procedure specifically kills microorganisms in the juice. 

Also, the juice is cooled to something around 82–85OC. Nitrogen can be introduced to the empty space in between the juice and the brim, oxygen is thereby removed to avoid oxidation. This procedure will help to sterilize the inside of the container

In addition, after the container has been filled up with the juice, the container must be brought to a water bath to cool it steadily; this procedure will assist in preserving the product taste and nutritional advantages. 

The cooling procedure will allow space in the container which prevents microbial growth.

However, there are bottles or plastic choices that goes well will juice hot filling machine since not all bottles are a hot filling match. 

Heat-set Pet has become the available plastic container type used in most hot filling beverages applications. They are built to hold a hot filling temperature. Pet can also be recycled which serves as a good alternative to glass. 


Juice tea hot filling machine is an ideal offer for most vegetable and fruit juices, water, tea, and drinks in general due to the fact that it removes the quest for a preservative. It also allows for a long shelf life.

Juice tea hot filling machine prevent and save consumers from drinking contaminated juices. It also gives assurance of healthy living during the intake of fruit and vegetable juices as it prevents the juices from micro bacterial. 

The hot filling machine serves as an alternative to preservatives since some preservatives are harmful and injurious to the body system.

Plastic containers which are compatible or match the hot fillings machine in the preservation of juices are readily available and accessible which makes the process more encouraging. 

However, sourcing juice tea hot filling machine from an experienced manufacturer is the best way to achieve your desire and satisfaction in the shelf life of any drink or juice you produced.


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