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How To Produce Plastic Bottles Using Plastic Bottle Blowing Machine

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The production of plastic bottles happens in stages. Four different types of plastic are typically used in the production of plastic bottles. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is typically used to make the plastic bottles used to contain potable water and other beverages since it is both robust and light.

In its low-density form, polyethylene (PE) is used to create squeeze bottles, while its high-density form is used to create stiff plastic bottles like detergent bottles. For pill bottles and similar items, polypropylene (PP) is employed.

Reusable water bottles and other similar reusable containers are made of polycarbonate (PC). Understanding the compositions of the materials they are constructed of will help you comprehend the manufacturing process. You can also discover more about the production process of plastic bottle blowing machine in this blog post.

What Materials Are Used in Making Plastic Bottles?

Plastic bottles are typically made of PET, PP, PC, and PE, as was already explained. PE is frequently referred to as HDPE or LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene) (High-Density Polyethylene). Below, we'll look at how each material influences the production of bottles.

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How Water Bottles Are Made?

Water bottles are frequently composed of plastic, metal, or other materials, therefore how they are manufactured depends on the material used to make the bottle. But what materials are used to make plastic water bottles? While reusable water bottles might be made from PET, PP, or PVC, the disposable varieties are made of PET (polyvinyl chloride).

Sometimes recycled PET is blended with new PET before the material is melted at 500 degrees Fahrenheit for throwaway water bottles (260 C). The plastic then undergoes the RBM procedure described above.

Before being extrusion blow molded, reusable water bottles' plastic must be melted at 150–350 degrees Fahrenheit (66–177 degrees Celsius). They may then be warmed a second time to further form them before being cooled.

The Benefits of PET Plastic Bottles

PET plastic bottles have several benefits for the environment, the consumer, and the products they are used to store. Several of these benefits include:

1. Energy Savings

Comparing the manufacturing of PET packaging to that of glass packaging, the former utilizes a great deal less energy and natural resources. Water and fossil fuels are included in this.

2. Recyclable

Are you aware that PET bottles are completely recyclable? Plastic bottles have been altered to be 30% lighter thanks to contemporary developments in manufacturing technology, lowering the amount of plastic used to produce them.

3. Chemical Resistance

Little to no oxygen can flow through the tight barrier PET produces between the outside world and the body. It is ideal for packing consumable goods because it does not react with water or food.

4. Shatterproof

PET plastic won't crack or break as glass does. It is therefore a safer alternative to a glass container. Once filled, this also makes transporting it safer and less expensive.

Summary of PET Packaging

PET is as strong as glass but has a superior, translucent, and shiny appearance. Below, we've listed the key characteristics of PET: 

1. The goods can be displayed to customers thanks to material transparency.

2. PET containers can quickly make the most of the available space for a display.

3. The PET bottle design is quite flexible, allowing for a variety of shapes.

4. There are many different formats for containers, ranging from 100 ml to 20 liters and beyond.

5. When compared to glass, PET can help manufacturers save up to 30% on shipping expenses.

6. PET is entirely recyclable. 

In the end, PET products allow for minimal oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water permeability. These qualities aid in preserving each product's integrity and safeguarding it.

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