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Major Types Of Stainless Steel Used In The Manufacture Of Water Filling Machine

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Water is life, this is a popular mantra that has been proven to be true over the years.  


This explains why water is readily available in different forms, sizes and packages ranging from sachets, pet bottles to glass bottles.


This is made possible through the aid of water filling machines; these machines are usually of made of stainless steel.


Knowing how vital these machines are, there is need to get high quality water filling machines made from high grade stainless steel.


However, teaming up with a reliable water filling Machine manufacturer is the best way to have products with great value for your money.


Against this backdrop, let’s consider some types of stainless steel used in the manufacture of durable water filling machines.

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Common stainless steels

Stainless steel often used to produce these water filling machines have two common grades namely -304 and 316.  


These two grades look very similar, but the major difference is that 316 stainless steel has molybdenum, an alloy that confers resistance to corrosion and makes it well suited for areas with high salinity and chloride levels while 304 does not.


1. 304 Stainless Steel

This is the most common grade of stainless steel all over the world and largely considered as good quality in the production of high-quality water filling machines.   


It is made up of 16-24%   and 35 % of chromium and nickel respectively, it also contains like carbon and manganese in small proportions.


304 is resistant to the oxidizing and corrosive effects of acids, this makes it suitable for the production of water filling machines, kitchen wares, residential appliances food machines. This feature is connected to its durability and ease of sanitation.


With all these strengths, it is not without weakness, as chloride ions in localized areas at concentration of 25ppm can cause ‘pitting’, which is a form of corrosion.


These chloride ions permeate the chromium coverings and the alter the structures of the stainless steel. Apart from areas characterized with high level of salinity and high concentration of chloride ions, the use of 304 is very cost-effective for any environment.


2. 316 Stainless Steel

This grade of stainless steel is quite popular, among the most used grade of stainless steel.


It contains 2-3% molybdenum that gives additional resistance to corrosion caused due to the industrial solvents as well as high concentration of chlorides.


This feature makes it excellent for use in coastal regions which have high saline concentration where salts that easily melts ice are quite prevalent.


Also, it is well-suited for industrial applications as well as good for use in industrial applications involving the processing of chemicals particularly chlorides.


The 300 series of this grade is known to be more effective as it contains up to 7% of molybdenum thereby providing more resistance to acids and chloride solutions.


Furthermore, due to the ability of 316 stainless steel to remain, it is largely considered as the material of choice in the production of sterile medical surgical instruments.


316 is used in the manufacturing of industrial equipment in the transport, pharmaceutical and chemical sectors, it is also used to make plumbing materials for buildings, pressure vessels, kitchen wares, outdoor fittings and so on.



The need to get the right stainless steel for water filling machines cannot be overemphasized.


Therefore, as you source for your water filling machines for your thirst and business concerns, it is believed that the descriptions above will be very helpful.


Nevertheless, after a good consideration of the type of stainless steel filling Machine you would like to invest in, buying from a reputable and professional manufacturer will be the best option for you. 


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