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Shrink Sleeve Bottle Labeling Machine: A Major Breakthrough In Product Packaging

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When it comes to a wide range of labeling needs in various manufacturing companies, the shrink sleeve bottle labeling machine comes as a very handy tool that has brought so much convenience to manufacturers.

Very outstanding about this piece of equipment is the fact that it works very perfectly for either low, medium or high speed production needs. Also of importance and worth mentioning is the fact that shrink sleeve labelling machine are also very useful when there is need to showcase some graphics and write up about the product.

Well, despite all these juicy perks of working with a shrink sleeve bottle labeling machine, one important thing is the need to partner with a reliable manufacturer of high quality bottle labeling machine for the best deal.

Over the years, shrink sleeve bottle labeling machines have proven very useful in recent time due to the fact the provide an appealing labeling option with a tamper-evident technique of sealing.

Nevertheless, shrink sleeve bottle labeling machine comes in various forms that suits their various applications. Some of them include;

· Tamper Evident bands

· Multi-Packs

· Full Body over the cap sleeves

· Full Sleeves

· Partial body sleeves

 bottle labeling machine

Automatic Shrink Sleeve Bottle labeling machine

A typical shrink sleeve bottle labelling machine comes in diverse forms, and it can be customized to meet various needs. While applying a shrink label to a container by the bottle labeling machine, a steam tunnel is usually used in applying the required amount of heat that will be able to make the label shrink over the bottle. With this, a high level of attachment of the label to the container is usually achieved.

With the tamper-evident technology, which is a core component of the shrink sleeve bottle labelling machine, consumers, especially in the food and pharmaceutical industries don’t necessarily have to open a package in order to check whether or not the product there are safe and intact as expected.


Major applications and innovation of shrink sleeve labeling machine

Whether it is an automatic bottle labelling machine or a mechanized shrink sleeve bottle labeling machine, this piece of equipment is very efficient in the placement of shrink sleeve labels on either plastic or bottle containers. Also notable about these machine is the fact that they can label up to about 300-350 bottles or container every minute.


Due to the tight gluing of the shrink sleeve labels of shrink sleeve labeling machine, it then becomes very useful in the packaging of products such as FMCG, food and beverages, cosmetics and household products that may likely undergo rough handling during transportation to their users.

Lastly, although not the least, an applaudable innovation in the shrink sleeve bottle labeling machine is the tin and light weight design it has, which makes it very easy to go along with a product container without adding undue weight to the product and the content.

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