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The Basic Operation Of A Water Filling Machine

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The industrial production of bottled water in a water filling plant is a lucrative venture with lots of people investing heavily, especially in the purchase of a water filling machine.

Water filling machine

However, the processing of water using the water filling machine should be taken seriously.  As such, there is a great need for you to understand the basic working operations of the water filling machine in order to make the most of it.

Well, while trying to get your feet on the ground about your intended venture, it is important to be diligent and carry out extensive research on who the best water filling machine manufacturer to give the job.

Generally, there are about three or four steps involved in the water filling machine process depending on the choice of products (carbonated water or not). These steps include:

1.Bottle Cleaning

Bottle cleaning is usually the first stage of preparing the bottles for the product they are about to be filled with.

By this, for most water filling machines, especially the automatic machines, the rinsing of the bottle is the first and a very crucial step where the machine rinses the bottle with clean potable water before the filling proves begins.

2.Water Filling

Filling the bottles is the utmost aim of any water filling machine process. However, the choice of the filling machine you will purchase relies heavily on the type of bottle you will be filling.

So, for bottled water in glass containers, equipment that is specially designed to handle glass bottles should be the target.

And just like the bottle rinsing stage, the filling process is done automatically under pressure. In most water filling machines, the filling nozzles are up to about 40 hoses, and this ensures high productivity, especially when everything is working perfectly.

3. Saturating

For people into the production of carbonated bottled water, saturation is an important stage they can’t avoid.

During this process, CO2 which is popular as a preservation gas is introduced aseptically into the bottled water before the next stage of capping.

This process also ensures that the water being filled can stay for a long period of time without losing its value due to the activity of microorganisms or exposure to a harsh environmental condition.


In the processing of bottled water using the water filling machine, the process of capping comes right after saturation (for carbonated water). On the flip side, water that doesn't need carbonation is capped immediately after they have been filled into the bottle.

The process of capping usually takes place with a split-seconds after filling the water or carbonation has taken place in order to ensure that the water isn’t exposed to particles or contamination. 


The water filling machine is a very serious process that requires absolute carefulness for the best products to be achieved.

During the processing of water using the water filling machine, the process usually goes through three or four stages, depending on the type of water being produced.

For carbonated water, an additional stage of saturated comes in to play in addition to the regular bottle rinsing, filling, and capping processes.

However, for the best water filling machine production experience, you should purchase your equipment from a trusted manufacturer with an outstanding record of excellence. 


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