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The Best Carbonated Soft Drink Filling Machines Attract Syrian Customers

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Datong, as a globally leading carbonated soft drink filling machine manufacturer always values the Syrian market.And recently we really feel honored to communicate with our Syrian customers.

Syrian Customer Visit


“This time coming to China,we are so interest in the carbonated soft drinks filling machine and have the plan to buy several carbonated drinks production lines to expand my juice business”,said the Syrian customer.


During the communication,we specifically introduced the features of Datong carbonated drink filling machines to him,show to him the carbonated drink filling machine's operation video,and he also shared with us about the carbonated drink filling machines in Syria.


All in all,Datong will never forget our mission:keep committing to provide quality liquid filling machines to worldwide customers.We also hope more and more foreign customers can go to visit us in person or just by website.


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