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The carbonated drink packaging machine, functions and performance

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Packaging is an essential aspect of the beverage manufacturing process. Recently, there has been a gradual takeover of the beverage packaging equipment industry by the China giants. The China carbonated beverage can filling machine manufacturers are setting the pace in the industry as they come up with innovative technology which are geared towards minimizing labor cost while increasing efficiency.  The idea is to ensure that the beverage market doesn’t fall below par when it comes to the global supply of beverage products. 

Carbonated drink filling machine

However, it is almost impossible to talk about the process or the end product without mentioning the equipment – the beverage filling machine. This liquid packaging machine is an essential type of machine in the industry that is endowed with an enormous level of precision. It depends on the containers being filled with the necessary quantities of liquid, complying with the guidelines imposed by each company. 

It is also important to take into account the type of liquid being packaged. Here, we will focus on the carbonated drinks. By carbonated drinks, it means that the beverage is packaged under CO2 gas under pressure and a certain temperature.

Functions of the carbonated drink filling machine

For the work of the beverage packaging machine to be carried out successfully, it has to meet a series of results:

• The liquid introduced must be exact, neither a greater nor a smaller volume.

• The process must be fast.

• Hygiene must be guaranteed at all times.

• Precision will ensure that maintenance is sporadic.

• The entire process must be sterilized.

 Bottle filling level analysis system

To guarantee that the filling processes comply with all the guidelines in any type of liquid, it is recommended to use a modern and deep analysis system. Any good analysis system will provide everything necessary to make it possible to analyze and inspect the filling system of a maximum of eight thousand bottles per hour. The bottles will be analyzed in their entirety and there may be a guarantee that the following aspects are covered:

Other factors to consider in the filling process.

• Avoid hazards that may exist from contamination by the environment, such as dust or microorganisms. It is necessary to avoid bad stowage and that toxic products can influence the filling system.

• Take preventive measures making sure that the machine and the entire environment have the best hygiene measures.

• Handling by operators must always be hygienic and with controls.

• Monitoring of filling processes to ensure that no problems occur.

• Avoid overlooking mistakes. A poorly filled bottle can never be allowed to enter the distribution phase.

• Prepare maintenance records that support the work done.

Another good point to consider in the filling process is the type and size of the bottle. 

Hygienic manufacturing process should be taken into account too. In this regard, the carbonated drink filling machine is designed to take care of this aspect. Ease of maintenance of the machine is also another way of ensuring the durability of the machine in addition to its efficiency. 


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