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Trends in the soft drink packaging

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In the field of plastics, PET packaging takes the lead as the most preferred material for packaging of finished products. According to a market research, the number of PET containers produced over the last decade has increased to 350,000 million units per year worldwide. So it will be of crucial importance to manufacture them as profitably as possible. An important trend in PET bottles is the reduction of weight and, therefore, the saving of material.

soft drink packaging

A reduction of the material can provide considerable cost savings in the purchase of the raw material. In addition, PET packaging is increasing. Especially in the markets of South, North and Central America, PET bottles of more than 3 liters are highly sought after for packaging non-alcoholic beverages. At the same time, there is a boom in the market for 5 to 20 liter PET water bottles for use in offices, shops and the home.

Thus, while PET continues to reap success, there are a number of segments such as milk and milk products, for which other plastic materials such as HDPE or LDPE are interesting. At the same time, new packaging materials, also requested by consumers, are being developed, such as "bioplastics" or biodegradable plastics, based for example on starch (PHA) or lactic acid (such as PLA).

Customers have recently discovered the benefits of pouches. Its main advantage is the reduced consumption of packaging material, which provides not only clear ecological and economic advantages, but also a reduction in material and transport costs. Experts calculate that the growth of the packaging of bag will register a 10 percent annual. In the field of soft drinks and mineral waters, a strong interest in the simplest and cheapest closings can be seen.

Plastic foil cans can be made in combined forming, filling and closing machines, which have also been used lately to package beverages. The personalized printing of the sheet is done digitally. These cans are light and easy to transport: only four grams of material are required for a 200 ml container. They are especially suitable for event packaging and represent a truly flexible bag that achieves high rigidity thanks to its cylindrical shape.

When it comes to the packaging of soft drinks in the beverage industry, the soft drink filling machine is quite indispensable. Many innovative attempts are geared towards improving the efficiency of this packing machine which leads to a more efficient production process. Some of the improvements in this device is in the form of automation processes. The different phases involved in the traditional packaging process such as the washing, filling, capping, labeling packaging have become the focus of such innovative attempts. 

Now, there is a wide variety of soft drink packaging machines for sale in the global market. However, this makes it even difficult for global customers to make the right choice. But then, to make the right choice, one needs to consider factors such as the reputation of the supplier, their experience in the industry, aftersales services, product quality and more. 


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