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Various Filling Methods In The Juice Tea Hot Filling Machine

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Juice beverage accounts for most of the liquid food. Among the juice beverage, orange juice has a wide acceptance rate.

Apple and grape are among other important taste that also has quite a bit of ratio.

Juice has a taste and is diversified into development trends, the dairy beverage, carbonated, pure water tea beverage have become strong competitors.

Thus for juice tea hot filling machine, it has more requirements and will stand more tests than others. Juice and tea beverage have diversification development that performs different functions in filling and concentration.

However, the hot filling machine adopts bottle neck holding transmission technology to realize fully automatic rinsing filling and capping.

The juice tea hot filling machine is equipped with a perfect temperature control system. Also, it has a reverse-flow system, automatic cleaning system, and control program.  

Each machine element in contact with the liquid is made of high-quality stainless steel.

Thus, for your highly efficient filling machine for your juice and tea, there is a need for you to carefully select a professional juice tea hot filling machine supplier.

juice filling machine


Methods of Filling

Commercially, juice filling machine for acid bottles and cartons is divided into two main methods namely:


· Aseptic cold filling and


· Hot filling

Although, many consumers are curious to know about these ways, below are the filling methods of liquid beverages.

1. Aseptic Cold Filling

An aseptic cold filling can be achieved through ultra-high temperature sterilization. The juice products are cooled to room temperature, in the sterile environment of man-made.

The bottles or cartons are sterilized with hydrogen peroxide, then caps are tightened after hydrogen peroxide sterilization.

The cold filling has less influence on the product's taste and nutritional quality as well as fewer materials used.Although, equipment invested is twice that of the hot filling.

Here the addition of preservation and post-sterilization is optional.

2. Hot filling

Here sterilization is achieved through high-temperature sterilization. Also the filling temperature of 90 degrees juice into the bottles, after capping.

Besides the temperature of the juice itself to bottle and cap sterilization. Because the product is heated for a long time, it has a certain influence on color, flavor, and nutrition.

The whole production line is cost-effective when compared to aseptic cold filling.

Hot filling adopts 18 L iron barrels, after 85 - 90 material filling. It uses the material for the sterilization of the barrels and then cooled.

The production line involves the water treatment unit as well as blow molding machine, air conveying system, homogenizer, degasser, ultra-high temperature sterilizer. It also has tunnel pasteurizer.


The hot filling machine has a vacuum deaerator used for deaerating the homogenized juice under vacuum condition and prevent the juice from being oxidized.

Then to prolong the storing period of the juice. Hot filling gives room to small scale production.

However, if you’re planning to obtain a filling machine for your production line, it’s critical to choose the right filling machine that has optimized functions.

Finally, always make sure that you team up with a reliable juice tea hot filling machine manufacturers for the best deal.


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