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visit our customer in Thailand and drink to the future of our mutual benefit!

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A few days ago, visit our customer in Thailand, and have a deep discussion with our main products. WechatIMG30.jpeg

By utilizing many years of knowledge and experience, all our product of Water treatment system ,water filling machines ,carbonated drink filling machine, juice filling machine, beer filling machine, can filling machine, glass bottle filling machine, 3-5 gallon barreled water filling machine, Bottle labeling machine , bottle packing machines ,PET bottle Blow Molding Machine , juice mixing machine, sterilization machines, CIP washing machine etc. as well as turnkey managed projects, offer unparalleled quality, service and reliability. Our customer were satisfied with our professional explanation and knowledge. We provide not just a product instead of long team service of user experience, our turn-key Project including pre-sale and after-sale service, can provide the whole production line, factory design, design bottle, provide a layout diagram, provide auxiliary materials supply agent information, machine installation and debugging, staff training and so on.

As a manufacturer of water & beverage filling machine, we feel confident of our high quality products.

Then we will show you our one featured product:

15000BPH 32-32-10 bottle mineral water filling machine


1. The mineral water filling machine adpots advanced human-machine interface control. High quality international name brand key components

2. Suspension bottle neck catcher structure allows the machine change the bottle type easily. By changing the valves, it also can be used as hot filling machine

3. Spring type rinsing catcher can wash both inside and outside of the bottle

4. High accuracy pressure water filling mechanism, ensure the height and quality of the water filling

5. Magnetic powered cap device ensures tightness and prevents damage of the caps

6. Quiet, rotary cap unscrambler will not damage caps. Photoelectric sensor detect missing caps thus eliminating uncapped bottle spillage

7. Built-in safeguard mechanism ensures the safety of operator and machine.

8. High efficient air clean filter system ensures high sanitary requirements

9. Low overall machine noise

10. Self-lubricating system imported from America provides continuous smooth operation


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