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Welcome Peruvian customers and Merry Christmas In advance

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On Christmas Eve, Peruvian customers visited our company and purchased the water line. We are honored to be able to provide them with professional services and high quality products. And as you know, zhangjiagang datong, a professional water and beverage filling machine manufacturer, are devoted to researching and designing filling machine with more than 12 years experience.

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And then are you curious that how our products are?


Our water production line includes

  • water treatment system

  • Blower

  • 200ml-2000ml fillers

  • 3-5 gallon filler

  • 5-10L filler

  • Labelers

  • Packer

In addition, you can choose bottles according to your need or make your own bottles, such as glass bottle filling machine, 200-2000ml plastic bottle making machine, 5 gallon barrel water bottling machine, 5-10L bottle filling machine and so on.  Due to the needs of different market demand. Mineral water is the most common water in our daily life. For families and businesses, Barreled water is the most in common, Secondly Bottled water is convenient for us to carry. And because of the improvement of people's consumption. Like luxurious glass bottle of water there are also various of high quality packaging appear. Water plays an important role in our life. We should cherish and pay more attention. So You also can choose filling machine by water. We are able to provide mineral water filling machine, pure water bottling filling machine, coconut water filling machine and so on.


OK, let us watch the water complete line video to check it.


At last, Thanks for all the customers who support us, and Merry  Christmas in advance. God bless you.


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