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You must to know the production technology of China juice bottling machine

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There are many kinds of fruit raw materials suitable for the production of fruit tea. These fruit raw materials include hawthorn peach, apple, apricot, pear, banana, mango, citrus, pineapple, grape, strawberry, melon, tomato, passion fruit, kiwi, etc. 

Juice Beverage Production

Fruit juice beverage is a fruit juice beverage with pulp. It is made by using fresh fruit after beating and refining, adding an appropriate amount of sugar, water, and citric acid. After that, the processing is done through degassing, homogenization, sterilization, and filling. It has the unique flavor of natural fruits. It has a thick mouthfeel. Not just that, it adapts to the tastes of consumers. It is known as the king of beverages in the 1990s and is deeply loved by consumers.

To solve the shortage of seasonal production, the fruit pulp can also be diluted with sugar water after the fruit production period. The sour taste can be adjusted for production. Due to different fruit varieties and different physical properties, the production process is also different.

China juice bottling machine

Production technology of China juice bottling machine

China juice bottling machine consists of the water treatment system, raw fruit treatment system, blending system, automatic bottle blowing machine, wind conveying line, UHT ultra-high temperature sterilizer, cap delivery sterilizer, and cap cleaning machine. It also includes bottle washing filling and capping three-line, bottle sterilization machine, cold bottle machine, blow dryer, sleeve labeling machine, inkjet printer, palletizer, and winding machine.

The China fruit juice hot filling machine contains a complete set of filling and packaging production lines. When the juice companies want to deal with the hot filling of the juices into bottles and cans, then they make use of this equipment. This equipment is a bit different from the regular juice filling machine. Hot filling is a special feature of this equipment.

Many China fruit juice filling machine manufacturers are focusing on the making of the hot juice filling machines. These machines are quite in demand for years. The manufacturers are using advanced technology in creating these machines. These machines can fill thousands of cans and bottles in one day.

It does not matter what type of China juice bottling machine you are using; the basic working principle would be the same. All the latest machines are capable of washing, filling, and excellently packaging the juices. First of all, the empty bottles are taken to the water treatment system of the machine. On the other hand, the raw fruit material enters into the machine, and then the equipment blends it thoroughly. When the juice comes out from the fruits, then the raw fruit material is disposed of while the juice is stored into the fillers. The empty, clean bottles come under the liners via conveyor belt. The fillers fill up each bottle to a particular amount with juice. The filled bottles are then taken to the sealing and capping section. A thick form of the seal is applied onto the bottles, and then the caps are placed tightly on each of them. In this way, the juice in the bottles remains fresh and tasty for a long period


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