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Solve The Pollution Problem of Plastic Beverage Bottles and Promote "Green" Development

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Facing the huge market demand, the output of the beverage industry has been growing. Recently, many companies have overweighed the beverage market, especially bottled water (soft drinks) produced by China beverage bottle filling machine factory, while promoting the development of the industry, beverage packaging materials (such as plastic bottles) may affect product safety and bring some pressure on the environment. So, how to solve the environmental pollution and other related problems brought by plastic beverage bottles and promote the "green" development of the industry?

Plastic beverage bottles or unsafe plastic pollution needs to be resolved

Most beverages are mainly packaged in plastic bottles and the materials of plastic bottles are widely used as raw materials of polyester, polyethylene, and polypropylene. Although the bottles are not easy to break and the cost is low, plastic bottles are easy to store under high temperature, oxygen, ultraviolet rays, etc. The aging under the effect will cause the beverage in the bottle to deteriorate and taste, and then affect the drinking safety of the product. Faced with the huge beverage market demand, the environmental pollution caused by plastic bottled drinks cannot be underestimated. According to reports, about 1 million plastic bottles are sold every minute worldwide, and this number may increase and exceed 500 billion in 2021. However, the recovery rate is less than 1/2 of this data.

coca cola glass bottling line

Reduce pollution of plastic beverage bottles and promote "green" development of the industry

It is undeniable that with the increasement in people's beverages, the development of beverage processing and glass bottle filling machine manufacturing industries has also been promoted. So, how to reduce the pressure on the environment caused by the pollution of plastic bottles?

1. Use degradable and recyclable materials. More use of cans, glass bottles, or plastic bottles using 50% renewable plastic, which is convenient for recycling, and to a certain extent solves the problem of traditional plastic bottles that are difficult to degrade and alleviates plastic pollution.

2. Actively promote the construction of shared drinking fountains and straight drinking fountains. In addition to obtaining nutritional ingredients or refreshing, people who buy beverages can also bring a unique taste experience to them. But the more important role is to quench thirst. The beverage industry has become an important part of the country's economic development and social life. All industries and countries must work together to promote the "green" healthy development of the beverage filling machine industry. However, what's more important is that while beverage processing companies are taking nutrition and health as their transformation and upgrading direction, while working on the beverage market, they must actively cooperate to solve related problems such as pollution caused by plastic beverage bottles.


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