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Spare Parts Services

High-quality parts and services for reliable production
DATONG’s genuine parts are designed and tested for the best performance in the food manufacturing industry. Making sure you always have the right parts to remain efficient and safe can be a​​ challenge. With DATONG's world-class supply chain, you can relax knowing that you'll get what you need – when you need it.
We will support you with genuine parts...
All our parts are tested to the most rigorous food industry specifications and manufactured to the highest quality standards. With 500 000 parts available in our assortment, we cover the full need of your equipment.​​​

Read more about our e-business ​solution for ordering parts and equipment online​

Shipped on time

To ensure you get what you need - 
when you need it, we offer different logistic solutions catering to your every need:

Planned: scheduled weekly delivery to get best possible parts availability
​Priority: same day dispatch
​Express: emergency service with hand-carry option
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