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Juice production Line
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DATONG juice production line is mainly applicable to tea, juice, including milk drinks, functional drinks, etc.
The standard type of filling machine is "three in one", which is integrated with washing filling and capping. For special production conditions, it can also add a sterilizing bottle, that is, "four in one". The production capacity can reach 2500-26000 b/h, with a total power of 3-20 kW and a total weight of 2200-18000 kg. It is suitable for round or square bottles. The above technical parameters are for reference only. We can adjust them according to your requirements. The good hot juice filling machine is an option you can't miss.

juice production line
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Water Treatment System

New design, made of stainless steel.

Small area, perfect system construction.

Automatic device, quality and performance guarantee.

It can be stored aseptically for one year.

Washing Part

1. Perfect CIP cleaning.
2. Sanitary filling head system.
3. Umbrella flow structure.

Filling Part

1. Perfect thermal filling temperature control system
2. It has a reflow device for automatic starting of feeding.
3. Fill the bottle to prevent the bottle from collapsing after cooling and minimize the amount of dissolved oxygen.

Capping Part

1. The bottom stock of the bottle is downward spiral
2. Changing the bottle shape does not require adjusting the height of the bottle delivery chain.
3. Capping head have itself scale.Easier adjust and count.

Bottle Inverse Sterilizer Machine

bottle inverse sterilizer machine

It is mainly used in sterilizing PET bottle mouth and inside surface of caps.

It mainly consist of chief conveying chain system, support, bottle reversing chain system, bottle reversing guiding rod and bottle repositioning rod.

It is mainly used in sterilizing PET bottle mouth and inside surface of caps.

It is mainly used in sterilizing PET bottle mouth and inside surface of caps.

Carton Packing Machine

carton packing machine

Using for carton packing for beer, beverage, bottled water, medicament, food etc bottle ( cans ) production line.

Carton wrapping saves 1/5 cost than traditional packing type.

Adopt known hot melt equipment, easy for operation, durable.

Linear feeding bottles and feeding cardboard system, advanced electric collocation and technology.

juice filling line

China DATONG specialized in water&beverage producing and packing solutions since 2002. Modern factory of 6000 square meters.
Over 40 countries' customers are using DATONG machines. We cam provide 24 months long warranty and the whole production line, factory design, design bottle, provide a layout diagram, provide auxiliary materials supply agent information, machine installation and debugging, staff training and soon.

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