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Water filling machine

The products of Datong Machinery are mainly used in water injection machines for pure water, mineral water, spring water and other bottled water. The technology that the air conveyor is directly connected to the bottle feeding star wheel instead of the screw conveyor makes it easier to replace the bottle size. The neck brace technology is used to transport the bottles, no need to adjust the height of the equipment, just need to replace some parts.

Datong Machinery is a manufacturer specializing in the production of water filling machines.We offers a wide range of machinery solutions:

The bottled water filling line is designed for the production of 3 gallons and 5 gallons of bottled drinking water. Whole set rinsing, filling and capping functions, the device is ideal for mineral water, distilled water, pure water production. The whole is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is corrosion resistant and easy to clean. It is compact, small footprint plant, efficient and reliable, high degree of automation, the electrical machine is a three-barreled automatic equipment.

How does the water filling machine work?

This machine is fully automatic process control, which works as follows:

1. Bottle washing:

After five washing station, the first station using chlorine dioxide (CLO2) dissolved disinfecting washing, rinsing time is adjustable, the first time station 12S, the second station is 12S, a third station for the 12S, the fourth station is pure water, the time can be adjusted according to different needs, the fifth station is the residual moisture rinsed clean dry barrel net.

2. Filling:

Positive clean air tub, filling starts, the filling time can be adjusted according to the flow rate of the pump by filling the conveyor chain conveyor mechanism, the tub falls Rotary mechanism, supporting the tub empty barrel righting mechanism, pressure filling valve.

3. Filling and capping

After the end of filling, the transmission mechanism tub filled with water to the treatment tub cover holster cover, when the tub lid pack the transmitted capping means, pressing the cap capping the cylinder, thus, a washing and filling cycle is complete.

Datong Machinery in order to improve the efficiency of bottled water filling and to meet the production needs of large water plants, the bottled water filling machine needs to be equipped with other equipment to form an automated filling line. Welcome to choose us, we will provide you with better service.


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