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All our services have one thing in common. We make your business run better.

DATONG Maintenance Services

Proactive care to secure reliability

Any moving system needs looking after. Just look at your own 

car – regular care can go a long way. A production line, or even an entire plant, is not much different. DATONG covers the full spectrum of maintenance to secure your reliability and keep you on your way.


Spare Parts Services

High-quality parts and services for reliable production

DATONG’s genuine parts are designed and tested for the best performance in the food manufacturing industry. Making sure you always have the right parts to remain efficient and safe can be a​​ challenge. With DATONG's world-class supply chain, you can relax knowing that you'll get what you need – when you need it. 

We will support you with genuine parts...


DATONG Expert Services

Insights to improve your entire plant

Choosing direction can be a difficult challenge, and finding opportunity may require a knowledgeable guide. Our experts around the globe help you evaluate operational performance, so you can stay on track in business. Some of the finest analytical minds in food manufacturing provide actionable...


DATONG Installation Services

Ensuring fast and sea​mless start-up

Starting something new is always a great opportunity. Making the most of that opportunity is all about making the right choices from the start. Whether it's a greenfield plant or expansion of existing operations, with DATONG by your side you can count on getting a solid foundation for your business. When your equipment is installed and running, we guarantee its performance...


DATONG Service Online

DATONG provide detailed video for changing molds for blowing machine. Detailed installing video for not too hard to operate machine. Help customer save cost also can do work by himself.

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DATONG Training Service

Competence development to boost your business

Empowering your staff through training and development is a powerful way to improve your business. Having your personnel tap into 60 years of food manufacturing knowledge and inspiring them to be the best at what they do will improve performance and reliability in your operations. Our comprehensive training offer is available to customers worldwide, on the job or in...


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