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Can filling machine

Datong Machinery is an industry-leading manufacturer of can filling machines china, provides an extensive selection of can filling machines and beer can filling machine with high quality, competitively priced and best service.  Our automatic beverage can filling machines are designed to meet the changing needs of the industry. For these companies or water plants, who want to build their can packaging line, our automatic can filling machines are designed to meet your needs and complete your production goals easily.

Features of Beer Can Filling Machine

  • Can filling machine is suitable for filling and sealing effervescent pop can beverages in the industries of pop can beverages (beer).

  • The filling and seaming are of integral design. The principle of equal pressure filling is adopted.

  • During the filling , after the empty can reaches into the can lifting cylinder after passing through the pneumatic triplex parts , and the empty can is raised and the conical seal gasket under the filling valve is sealed. The position turning block of the filling valve turns the position and opens the valve under the action of another cylinder . The air is filled into the empty can to form equal pressure.

  • From a large material barrel , the beer passes through 14 small conduits and flows into the empty can. When the liquid level in the empty can blocks the gas return pipe mouth, the filling stops. Under the action of ram, the defoaming valve will slowly discharge the air and pressure.

Product Parameters of Can Filling Machine




Can diameter(mm)φ52.5-99
Can height(mm) 39-160

The above can filling bottle machine technical parameters are subject to continuous update,please take the real product as the base. Product details of can filling machine, you can contact us to know more.

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