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5-10L water filling machine

Filling Machine manufacturer and supplier in China, we have a strong manufacturing line of 5l-10l Bottle Water Filling Machine. The equipment is used in production of non-carbonated drink of minerals and pure water packed in polyester bottles mixed washing,filling and capping in one machine.the whole machine have scientific and reasonable design,beautiful appearance,complete functions,easy operation and maintenance,a high degree of automation. 

5L-10L Automatic Water Bottle Filling Machine combines bottle washing filling and capping in one machine. the 5l-10l bottle water filling machine product is the domestic advanced level of pure water filling production line, which is designed and developed based on foreign advanced technology according to filling process requires pure water s, and can achieve the requirements, with complete CIP cleaning function. The production line is suitable for water filling in room temperature.

5L-10L Water Filling Machine Product Features

This set of 5l - 10l water filling machine products adopts the technology that the pneumatic conveyor is directly connected with the bottle on the feeding star wheel to replace the screw and the conveyor. The bottle-out star wheel is a spiral structure, and the bottle is conveyed by neck processing technology. While changing the size of the bottle, there is no need to adjust the height of the bottle-out conveyor, and only need to replace some parts, it can automatically complete cleaning, filling, Cover. Efficiently realize the needs of the bottle filling machine with less wear, stable conveying, and easier bottle replacement.

We use wooden packaging to protect the 5L-10L bottle water filling machine from being damaged during transportation.

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