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Executive management



Over 35 years of beverage filling industry. Until 2002 build up our factory DATONG. Have very much experience of technology and company management. Lead our factory be a top filling manufacturer in China. He always kept his gratitude on his lips while managing the company. He often says, "gratitude is the greatest wealth." The grateful heart gave him more details than anyone else.


trade sales


Have over 8 years of beverage filling industry. Have much experience of CAD and technician. good at customer whole scheme design. include factory design. Production design etc. he can answer all your inquires of this plan. Also lead our domestic trade team. He is our best technician support for our sales team.

Foreign trade team

Ms. Lynn Fan / Sales director

Over 9 years of foreign sales experience. Much experience of machinery before sale and after sale. Always think more for customers. Now lead DATONG sales team. Good at team building and the establishment of corporate culture. Increase our work efficiency.

Ms. Polly Wang / Foreign trade sales

2 years working experience in the industry. More patient,sense of humorous,so kind and gentle. It’s very good at communicate with customers and Win customers' trust. Often stand in the client's perspective, consider everything.
Motto: No excuse of failure, Only for reason for success.

Mr. Jacky Wu / Foreign trade sales

I have done before and forwarding sales insurance sales for 2years. major is international business. Also have very much experience of give the right machine suggestion for customers. optimistic and easy to get along with. motto is "characters determine destiny", always be honest and modest to everyone .

Raya Zhao / Foreign trade sales

over 2 years of work experience. Have a good command of both spoken and written English. With a strong spirit of innovation and teamwork. Aggressive, Responsible, Energetic. With a pleasant mature attitude. Have the ability to work in a dynamic environment and be capable of working independently.

Jay Gao / Foreign trade sales

Having more than 5 years of foreign trade experience and is familiar with foreign trade transaction processes in various countries. A large amount of foreign trade knowledge reserves to understand the preferences of customers in each country. Have good oral and dictation skills, and are willing to communicate with customers and answer customer questions.
Honest and trustworthy, willing to make friends with customers then establish good cooperative relations

Zoe Li / Foreign trade sales

Have 1 year of working experience. Good communication skills, team work ability, optimistic and positive, with strong patience and sense of responsibility, stable work attitude, can help customers solve problems in time, with strong strain capacity, lively and cheerful personality

Domestic trade team

Steven Sun / Domestic trade sales

7 years working experience in the sales  industry. Worked in the first beverage machinery factory back in 2010 and learned full knowledge of mechanism during hard working over 7 years.Diligent, optimistic, and pleasant communication with customers Proactive, and constantly improve himself. Always care for everyone and good at dealing with company chores.

Lucy Yan / Domestic trade sales

Have over 3 years working experience in beverage filling machines. International business major, optimistic, cheerful, good communication and sales ability, able to solve customers' problems in the first time, for customers to consider, good at establishing good relations with customers. Have much experience of solutions for foreign trade company customers.

Main engineer team

Huang yuliang

The factory director

Over 30 years of machine exploitation and technical support. Also lead our producing department and after sales team.

Shen zhongzhi

Main technician

Over 15 years of machine precision parts design. Good at CAD and solidworks.

Lu jianzhong

Workshop director

Over 20 years of machine producing. Good at the production department management.

After sales team

Network management

The purchasing department

Zhou Mengwen

Can use some office software skillfully. Deal with copywriting. Outgoing, Good adaptability. Have good experience of our company website management and design. Take care of our company machine picture and video production. Also take care of our company all network management. hardworking and with good sense of responsibility.

Liu Huanhuan


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