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Datong Carbonated Drink Filling Machine

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If you want a suitable quantity of carbonated drink filling machines, you can choose us. Datong Machinery can meet all your needs.


Why Choose Datong Carbonated Drink Filling Equipment?

The Carbonated drink filling machine could be separated into three modules. The height of the bottle-out conveyor is adjustable. Bottles are conveyed to rinser, filler and capper through starwheel and conveyed out finally through the bottle-out conveyor. Equip alarm device for bottle block, bottle absence, cap absence and overload. the machine meets the national food hygienic standard, with high automation and easy to operate.


Soft Drink Beverage Filling Machine Production Line With Plastic Bottle

Beverage Filling Machine with capacity from 2000BPH to 24000BPH. This kind of packing features light, good-tenacity, strong-intensity and hard-breakage, in addition, PET bottle can be made into different specs and shapes; For the consumer, they can take easily and conveniently without exploding.

  Carbonated Drink Filling Machine

Feature of carbonated drink filling machine

Full filling avoids the bottle distorted after cooling and reduces dissolved oxygen at the maximum degree.product storage hopper and feed system adopts reasonable product feed design(constant flow,constant pressure,no foaming).product hopper with reasonable structure(exhaust,fully close,temperature can be detected).medium and high speed line adopts product distributor instead of large liquid carousel,which can be cleaned completely by pressure cleaning with CIP.sanitary filling valve system umbrella-flow type structure,high speed.perfect hot filling temperature control system.product recycle tank system with automatic product feed startup.perfect CIP system.


Why choose us


Founded in 2002, Modern factory of 6000 square meters, the company has professional technical force in filling, blow molding, labeling, packaging machinery and technology of water, tea, fruit juice, carbonated beverage, energy beverage, liquid beverage, beer, edible oil and other products.



1.More than 18 years of market experience.

2.Different options can be chosen.

3.Over 40 countries use our machines.

4.The supplier is ourselves.

5.provide 24 months long warranty, free parts and effective service

6.We have the equipment certification certificate:CE,ISO,SGS,TUV

  Carbonated Drink Filling Machine

Ethos of DATONG: absolute dedication to understanding our customers' needs.

This has been at the heart of the company since it was founded in 2002, by utilizing many years of knowledge and experience, all our product of Water treatment system, water filling machines, carbonated drink filling machine, juice filling machine, beer filling machine, can filling machine, glass bottle filling machine, 3-5 gallon barreled water filling machine, Bottle labeling machine, bottle packing machines, PET bottle Blow Molding Machine, juice mixing machine, sterilization machines, CIP washing machine etc. as well as turnkey managed projects, offer unparalleled quality, service and reliability. 


Commitment to Excellence

Every DATONG product is specifically manufactured to accommodate the exacting needs of each customer, resulting in a bespoke system tailored to their requirements. Such an approach has established DATONG as a worldwide market leader.

We are committed to exceeding the expectations of our customers by combining a superior level of expertise with high quality products, all backed by first-class service.


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