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Juice filling machine leads the trend of the beverage industry

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In recent years, among the china fruit juice filling machine manufacturers, a variety of fruit juice drinks and fruit and vegetable juice drinks have developed rapidly. The juice drinks with sweet and sour taste and rich nutrition have become the favorite drinks among people. When people drink juice, have they ever thought about how to put it into these beautiful bottles? This requires a juice filling machine. Filling machinery is more and more widely used in the beverage industry, which is a key point for enterprises to improve their competitiveness.


At present, there are many kinds of fruit juice in the beverage market, which shows a huge consumption demand. The common compound fruit juice drinks are pineapple juice or orange juice and different vegetable juice. At the same time, functional fruit juice drinks such as flower beverage, iodine rich fruit juice beverage, high fiber beverage and other health care new material drinks have developed well as new nutrition concepts. The fruit juice milk which combines fruit and vegetable juice with cow milk has gradually opened up the market. There is no doubt that the blooming of fruit juice market does not show the increasing demand for fruit juice filling machine.


In order to seize this business opportunity and launches a new type of fruit juice and tea beverage filling machine. This equipment has a very formal name, “washing, filling and capping 3 in 1 machine (micro negative pressure), which integrates washing, filling and sealing. It is mainly applicable to the hot filling production of various heat-resistant PET bottles of juice and tea drinks. It can also be used for filling pure water and mineral water.


China fruit juice filling machine manufacturers

Compared with other filling machines, it has six functions:


1. The working state design of the bottle hanging operation makes the bottle stable and reliable in high-speed operation, and the replacement of the bottle type is simple and quick than before.

2. Full-filling, avoid collapse of the bottle after cooling, and minimize dissolved oxygen.

3. The new generation of stainless-steel inverted bottle clamp does not contact with the part above the screw thread of the bottle mouth. It is equipped with a nozzle, which can wash any part of the inner wall of the bottle.

4. Adopt the advanced micro negative pressure gravity filling principle, fast, stable and accurate filling.

5. The material bin is a fully closed structure, with temperature automatic control and automatic return function, and provides CIP cleaning interface.

6. The beverage machinery can meet the technical requirements of hot filling below 95C. A R.O. water washing device is set before the cap to ensure that the bottle mouth is free of mildew.


For the china fruit juice filling machine manufacturers, having such a fruit juice filling machine plays a double role with half the effort, greatly improving production efficiency, reducing production costs, and rapidly improving the competitiveness of enterprises.


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