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Water Filling Machines: The True Standard Of A Booming Market

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From time immemorial, water has always been an essential commodity and humans are consistently making efforts to have it potable and readily available. 


Today, through the aid of technological inventions, a major form, in which water is readily packaged in is the water bottles.


These bottles account for a third of the world’s water packaging market. These bottles are filled with water after treatment under sterile conditions via water filling machines. 


High-quality water filling machines are either automatic, semi-automatic or are totally customized by the manufacturers to quicken their operation and meet market demands.


For this reason, it is most advisable to contact a reputable manufacturer of water filling machine for the best machines that will stand the test of time and the pressure of your production needs.


Type of Packaging material for water

Drinkable water is always available in two kinds of bottles namely PET bottle and the glass bottles.

 15000BPH 32-32-10 Mineral Water Plant

Glass bottles

Glass is used to package water for several reasons which range from its chemical stability, sanitary quality to its eco-friendly nature as well as its reusability.


Glass can also be moulded to very attractive shapes and are therefore used to package pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, beverages and food products including water.


The 2019 Market Research Future’s report on the European market explained that in 2018, glass water bottles were worth USD 62.01 million and was projected to be valued at USD 76.16 million by 2024. This explains its high demand not just in Europe but also the world at large. 


PET Bottles 

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET), a member of the polyester family via thermoplastic polymerization. PET bottles are quite durable, transparent, cheap, light chemically and thermally stable.  


These bottles are also eco-friendly and can be recycled. These qualities make them useful in the packaging of beverages, salad dressings, cleaning solutions, detergents and mouthwashes.

Experts at IMARC pegged the volume of PET bottles in the global market to be at 17 million tonnes as of 2018 and it's projected to be on the rise and hit 19 million in 2024.


The demand for PET bottles is expected to keep rising for several reasons which include the increase of the imperviousness of these bottles using the plasma-based coating.


Another reason among others is also the use of silver to increase the shelf- life of products in these bottles. These advancements have greatly allayed the fears about the future of these PET bottles


Water filling machines 

The use of these machines is product-specific for safety and quality concerns. Based on their structure, water filling machines could be rotary or Inline.


The choice of which to use depends on the thickness of the liquid to be dispensed, chemical, stability, presence and size of particulate matter and also the environment. 


The ever-booming market of water filling machines have been connected to the following reasons:

Ø Improved retail and supply chains across the globe which have increased access to new markets.


Ø More people now use bottles to package chemicals and other aqueous substances


Ø Changes in eating habits as well as an increase in the amount of spare cash particularly among Asians excluding Japanese.


Ø Increase in the consumption and demands of alcoholic and non- beverages.


Ø Increase in the stress in urban areas such that people rely on fast foods.


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