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Wrap-Around vs. Shrink Sleeve Bottle Labeling Machine: Which is better?

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If you are very conversant with the trends in bottle labeling machines, you must have come across the wrap-around and sleeve labelling machines.

Well, both are perfect in their ways. But the bottom line remains that you have to decide which is best for your production needs.

So, in this article, we shall be putting you through what is the line of demarcation between the wrap-around bottle labeling machine and the sleeve bottle labelling machine.


Wrap-Around Labels

Wrap-around labels are a label type in which the object is fully enclosed by the label applied on it. It is one of the most preferred methods in the field of roll-fed labelling particularly because it is economical. Below are some of the pros and cons of using a wrap-around label.

Pro #1: Cost effective

The use of wrap-around label is less expensive compared to Shrink sleeve alternative. Wrap around labels make use of cheaper and lighter materials compared to Shrink sleeve.

The materials used for wrap-around label are not only cheap but also required in less quantity, which further saves the cost of production. In addition to this, the light weight of the materials means lower shipping fee, which makes you get more materials at a lower cost of transportation.

Pro #2: It is more consumer oriented

Generally, people tend to go for things they are more familiar with. Wrap-around labels are more traditional than shrink sleeve, meaning that more consumers would have been used to it.

You can imagine the fun that little boy would have rubbing his hands over the glossy wrap-around label while drinking a bottle of Coca-Cola or perhaps the sheepish smile of that old drunk gulping some beer down his throat being assured that his weak hands are balanced on the motion resistant wrap-around label.

Pro #3: Takes Up Less Container Space

Sometimes, it's wise enough to show off at least a part of the product in the container to the consumer. Perhaps this is necessary for the consumer to be certain of what S/he is buying.

In this case, You should rather go for a wrap-around label which takes up less space than a shrink sleeve label. Shrink sleeve labels usually take up the whole space, thus, totally concealing the product you are marketing as well as raising your overall cost of production.

Con #1:  Less environmentally friendly

Wrap around labels, especially paper ones can contribute to environmental pollution because most of the materials used for making them are non biodegradable. A piece here and another piece there contribute waste to the environment which eventually accumulate on land or in water, polluting the environment and affecting the natural habitat of some animals.

Con #2: Low durability

Wrap-around labels rely on adhesives to stick to containers, this means that they can easily tear or get pulled off. Even if they are neither torn nor pulled off, overtime, the adhesive gets weaker especially if the label is exposed to fluids such as water or ethanol that can act as solvent and dissolve the components of the adhesive.

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Shrink Sleeve Labels

Shrink Sleeve labels are labels in  which heat is used in the application process to conform to the shape of the container to which they are applied.

Shrink sleeve labels are more preferable for products that will be exposed to moisture or friction which can easily affect wrap-around label if it were to be used. Here are a few pros and cons of this label application.

Pro #1: Wider Coverage

Shrink sleeves can cover the whole surface of the container with stunning, creative designs, this lure the consumer to be more attracted to the product you intend to sell.

Many consumers base much of their decision-making process within the first few seconds of noticing a product, the more attractive your container is, the better your chance of selling your product.

Pro #2: More environmentally friendly

The application of shrink sleeve labels are made by heating the label in a tunnel which makes the label conform to the shape of the container by shrinking.

Contrary to wrap-around label, there is no chance of the label falling off or tearing to accumulate as a non biodegradable waste in the environment. This makes Shrink sleeve labels more environmentally friendly as they do not accumulate to cause any form of environmental pollution.

Pro #3: Long lasting

It is worth laying emphasis on the fact that Shrink sleeve labels are more durable than Wrap-around labels. There is a relatively lower chances of tears and rips due to the fact that the plastic sleeve is tightly engraved into the container. Shrink sleeve labels thus last longer, looking as good for many months as though they were just newly made.

Con #1: More Expensive

If the major factor you are considering is the initial cost, you might want to think about wrap-around labels because Shrink sleeve labels are less economical. More materials are used in making shrink sleeve labels, this means more weight and thus you will be paying more money for shipping.

The whole process of application of shrink sleeve labels will also cost you more money than the simpler Wrap-around labels.

Con #2: Possibility of Distortion

With time, the label may begin to lose its shape, thereby distorting the look of the whole container to which it is applied. However, With the right design software and quality labels, distortion shouldn’t be an issue.

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