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Overview Of Juice Production Line

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Fruit contains various vitamins that protect the body from infection. Fruits like pineapple contain abundant vitamin B, fructose, citric acid, glucose, and protease that boost the body's immune system.

Processing of fruit into juice prolongs the shelf line of fruits, increases the income of farmers, adds value to the fruits, and enriches the production chain. A quality  juice production line makes the work easier, simpler, and enriching. Juice production process covers:


1. Fruit Sorting Process

Sorting process aims at checking the raw material to ascertain the quality of the juice. The sorting process helps operators to remove the unripe, rotten, and diseased fruits from other fruits.

The quality of the juice depends on the nature of the fruits used for the production. To ensure high productivity and save labor, the production line is designed in different ways that suit the fruits.

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2. Washing Process

Washing of the fruits to remove pesticide residues is very essential. Sometimes, detergent with water is used to wash and rinse the fruits in running water. After the washing, there may be another selection to remove the remaining damaged, unripe, and diseased fruits.

Occasionally, it requires rolling brushes and sprayers to remove stains, pesticide residue, and dirt from the fruits. The washing process determines the sanitary of the next process and final products.

3. Peeling and Extraction

The fruits are conveyed to the peeling and extraction point for the extraction of the liquid content of the fruits. The knife cuts the fruits and the scraper peels the cover of the fruits. The scrapped parts move to the extractor while the peels discharge through the outlet. The pulp is pressed to extract the juice.


4. Juice Filtration

The extracted juice has suspended solids in it. There is a need for filtration to remove the solid suspension in it. Filtration removes large particles that have the potential to change the taste, flavor, or color of the juice.

To produce clear juice, you use fined filtration to filter the first filtrate. The colloidal particles and the suspended solids will not settle at the bottom after the filtration.


5. Juice Degassing

Nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide in the fruit cells will decompose during the extraction process. Degassing is the process of removing air in the fruit juice to prevent browning and oxidation. The gases attach to the particle to prevent solids from floating.

Oxygen in the fruit cell has the potential to damage vitamin C content in the juice. The bad effect appears more when heated. In some cases, degassing takes place after homogenization before the filling process.

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6. Juice Filling and Cooling

The sterilized juice is filled into bottles or cans. The bottles are sealed and placed upside down to sterilize the cap of the bottle. It is then transferred to the cooling compartment for the cooling process.


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